Since the age of 5 I have called Isolation Performing Arts Studio my home. No words will ever express how grateful I am to be a part of IPAS. IPAS has always been my second home and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to call family ever since I started.

Francesca, (Professional Performer – Recipient of Perfect Score for VET Dance)

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Looking For Dance Classes in Melbourne’s North West?

At IPAS you can expect to create lifelong friendships, memories and a love of performing. For 30 years our caring, experienced IPAS team has shown its passion for providing the highest quality training and education in Dance, Singing and Music classes. When you choose either one of our fun recreational dance classes per week or aspire to be a professional performer, everyone deserves the opportunity to be guided on their journey by trusted, dedicated and loyal staff.

Our supportive and exciting environment connects you to a like-minded community of committed, happy families, making the studio feel like your second home. Dance studios can nurture personal growth and self-confidence, helping your kids strive for achievement outside of schools and academic environments.

We want to provide safe and supportive space and allow excellence to shine through.

  • ✶ Feel the EXCITEMENT
  • ✶ See your CONFIDENCE grow
  • ✶ Join a loyal, like-minded COMMUNITY
  • ✶ Be part of the EXCELLENCE
  • ✶ Love your 2nd HOME

Mini Movers

Ages 3-5



Ages 5-8



Ages 8-10



Ages 10-13



Ages 13-17



Ages 13+
With limited experience



Ages 17+
With experience



Ages 17+
With no experience


VET Dance in the VCE

Years 10-12

Elite Team

By audition only


Term 1 / Monday 4th February – Friday 5th April

Term 2 / Monday 22nd April – Friday 28th June

Term 3 / Monday 15th July – Friday 20th September

Term 4 / Monday 7th October – Saturday 14th December

These are subject to change.

I have trained at IPAS since I was 2 years old and have made many new connections with teachers and students. IPAS is my second home and my favourite place to be.


Dance classes & studio for pre schoolers all the way up to VCE

If they can walk, they can dance. If they can talk, they can sing.

Isolation Performing Arts runs dance studios from our location in Tullamarine, making us perfect for parents traveling from Greenvale, Gladstone Park or anywhere in Melbourne’s North West. Give your kids the opportunity to build confidence before they go to make friends, and enjoy building up their motor skills, health and fitness with lessons across different schools of dance, such as ballet and tap.


We would love to see you come and try Isolation Performing Arts Studio for yourself!

If you are interested in learning more about the dance classes we offer for pre schoolers, or any of the other classes offered in our dance programs at IPAS, please feel free to get in touch and our friendly reception team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

As one of the leading dace studios in Tullamarine, we’re conveniently located to provide kids dance lessons and classes to Gladstone park, Greenvale & residents of Melbourne’s North West, for children in preschool all the way to VCE.

You can call us directly by phone or fill out our online enquiry form on our contact page and one of our staff will be in contact with you to organise a free trial for one of our IPAS dance classes.
Remember to include your child’s name, date of birth, and what schools of dance they would like to try, as well as the best contact number for us to get back in touch with you.

Ph: 03 9338 5395 – Email: [email protected]

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Catering for people from the North West – in areas such as Tullamarine, Gladstone Park, Westmeadows, Attwood, Greenvale, Airport West, Keilor and surrounding suburbs.

Catering for people from the North West – in areas such as Tullamarine, Gladstone Park, Westmeadows, Attwood, Greenvale, Airport West, Keilor and surrounding suburbs.

What an amazing school, with inspirational teachers. They guide, encourage and nurture all their students and help mould them not only into amazing dancers, performers and singers, but also help mould them into amazing people. All kids learn by example, and what amazing examples to follow!!